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Christmas message

Christmas message

Clive Hawkins16 Dec 2023 - 09:11
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Christmas message

Have a happy Christmas
- Pete Mansell

I hope that everyone has enjoyed the first half of the season, and a big thank you to the coaches, captains and umpires for making it possible week in week out, with great support from your Committee. A big shout-out also to Joe and the Junior Section coaches who turn out faithfully on Sunday mornings to develop our players of tomorrow. The rota system run by the Ladies section this year has really helped, not only with additional helpers, but also in inspiring the junior girls - thank you all.

Earlier in the month we had a great Christmas Social and it was really good to see representatives from all teams, including family members. A special thank you to Vicki and Si for organising a great quiz, even managing to race through the questions before the band started up next door! Really useful funds for the Club were also raised.

Over the Christmas break, please take some time to review the fixtures for the second half of the season and set your availability. It makes a huge difference to captains and selectors being able to see well in advance the numbers available for each game. I appreciate that some people might have good reasons why they can't commit to playing on certain weeks, but you can always put yourself down as tentative and then update as soon as you can. A message to your usual captain or Club Captain can also help save captains time, eg if a particular match time or location is causing you difficulty.

At our early January Committee meeting we will be reviewing succession planning for next season, and so if you have a particular skill you think might benefit your Club, or would just like to help out in some way, please let me or your Club Captain know.

Best wishes for a very Happy Christmas and for the New Year.

Chair NSHC

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